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Sonoma Valley Area History

Sonoma Valley Area History

1807: Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo is born in Monterey California
1823: Father Jose Altimira founds Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma
1832: MG Vallejo marries Francisca Benicia Carrillo
1834: Mexican Congress passes law secularizing the missions. Vallejo sent north as
Military Commander and is given Petaluma land grant of 66,000 acres. New
governor, Juan Alvardo, names Vallejo, Commander General of all Mexican forces.
General Vallejo builds his first home in Sonoma
1844: Gen Vallejo dismisses his troops in Sonoma
1846: War is declared between Mexico and the United States in May
1846: Bear Flag revolt in Sonoma on June 14th. Gen Vallejo is arrested and taken to
Sutter’s Fort, but released in August. The California Bear Flag flies over Sonoma
1848: The war ends with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago, Gen Vallejo is delegate to CA
Constitutional Convention. Gold discovered at Sutters Mill on Jan 24th
1850: California becomes 31st state. Vallejo elected to CA Senate and mayor of Sonoma
1854: By a narrow vote the county seat is transferred to Santa Rosa
1856: Count Harathzy arrives to inspect and purchase mission vineyards, renamed as
Buena Vista, in Sonoma; Sonoma County’s first vineyards
1877: First account of this building appears on a land survey of the County as a building on the 1500 acre Austin Ranch property
1883: Pneumatic railroad from Skaggs Island depot to Plaza fails to perform
1888: Southern Pacific loses race with North-West Pacific to build a railroad through
to Santa Rosa, but does connect up Sonoma Valley to reach S.R downtown depot
with a halt at Melitta Station serving the village of Melitta
1890: Melita Station was a boarding house for immigrant quarry-men and stone-workers
1900: Basalt quarries in full production along Sonoma Valley and blocks were transported
for the streets of San Francisco
1906: Earthquake flattens Santa Rosa downtown as well as San Francisco, Melitta Station
was unharmed due to timber construction. Basalt quarries benefit from demand for
1915: With advent of the automobile demand for basalt reduces and quarries diminish
1935: Railroad closes operations along Sonoma Valley since when this building has served
as a boarding house, general store, feed store, post office, and antique shop
1985: Melitta Station Inn opens as one of the first Bed & Breakfast Inns in Sonoma County
2004: The property is purchased by Tim & Jackie Thresh


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